Tuesday, January 24, 2012

That's My Answer Tuesday!

I am looking for ways to perk up the blog when I'm A- procrastinating my editing and writing OR B- I just need some downtime from the editing and writing. :D

SO I found a cute blog, thatsmyanswer.com and she asks random questions and you answer them and leave her a linky to your answer. 

Here goes nothing :) Questions from Indigo for this Tuesday:

Do you feel the Oscar buzz?
Not really, I've seen a few, but not many of the movies nominated. I do want to see My Week With Marilyn if I could find someone to go with me! I love Michelle Williams and I know she does an amazing job with every role she gets and from the interviews, she really loved this role.

Modern Family or The Middle?
Modern Family!!! Cam and Mitchell are me and my husband for sure. I do love the other characters so much as well!

My daughter loves watching The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Which, of course, makes me wonder how I’d spend my time if I lived in a hotel. I’d probably ride the elevators all day long. How would you spend your time?
I've never seen the show, but I vaguely know the premise... they're on a cruise ship now right? So if I lived in a hotel for free, ROOM SERVICE!!!! :) When I travel for work, I still get giddy when I can call up room service and they come bring me food and drinks and I can sit in bed to eat. I'm seriously a five-year-old deep inside!

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