Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Friday Five!

Edit: I meant to post this last Friday and COMPLETELY forgot. SORRY! Better late than never right?

Five things on Friday!

1- We put a bid on a house!

2- I found my zip drive with my NaNo '10 on it!

3- I've gone 20 days gluten free!
Surprisingly, it's pretty darn tasty! The one thing I miss though...
If anyone has a recipe for gluten free cheesecake, lemme know!

4- During the last three weeks I've lost five pounds! :) Not eating bread and pasta and goldfish helps!

5- I started an incredible book I'm sharing with everyone: Angelfall by Susan Ee!
It's .99 on Amazon or you can go to her site and she'll tell you where to find it. susanee.com! She self-pub'd this amazing literary adventure and I find her to be awe-inspiring! :D Tell her I sent you!

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