Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, What are you reading?

Reading is Cool! I don't need to tell you chicks that, and dudes if there are any out there :)

So what am I reading right now?

How gorgeous is that cover?

I just started Camille by Tess Oliver on Sunday, and it's wonderful! I was initially drawn in by the cover, so beautiful! And the title. The name Camille has always been one of my most favorite names of all time.

Camille is a girl in England, I'm guessing it's around the turn of the century but it's never said, but that's my guess. And Camille lives with Dr. Bennett and they hunt werewolves. Already intrigued, no? And one night while they're out a hunting, a boy gets bit while they're trying to save him from a werewolf. Enter Nathaniel Strider, a Scottish rogue with a penchant for thieving and charming. He's naughty and adorable and about to become a werewolf. Unless, a certain young lady and her doctor guardian can decipher her father's journals and save Nathaniel from becoming their next target!

Go get it! It's on Amazon right now for .99! :D

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