Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Review: Black Dagger Brotherhood: Dark Lover Book 1 by J.R. Ward

What a fun read!!! Ward has a great way of mixing old lore and new age all together to make a really fun, exiting fiction story that keeps you entertained for 300+ pages.

I really enjoyed learning about Beth and the brothers. All the different personalities mix together and you can tell it will be fun to learn more. I've heard the Zsadist/Bella book is the best, but I would like to know more aobut Wellsie and Tohr too! See? I've fallen in love with the whole bunch.

I hope we'll see more Beth and Wrath throughout the other books. I know they'll be about the other brothers, but I really liked Beth. I always enjoy a feisty heroine!

Excellent brain candy fun. These would be good beach/summer vacation reads!

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