Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Review: Black Dagger Brotherhood 6: Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward

Lover Enshrined... encapsulated... controlled... captured.... frozen.



Although this one was much shorter, this book had a lot of heart.

Between the main story about Phury and the subplots of John, Quihnn, Blay, Bella, Z, and the others as well, you become enshrined.

And you can see each one of these storylines mingling within each other and how each of the characters has an entrapment. Phury's addictions, Cormia's prison-like home, Rehv's nature, John's emotions, and Blay's heart, Bella's pregnancy, Z's past, hell... even Lash's patronage.

I was really impressed with this one when it came to the story line, the continuity, the push and pull between all the characters for dominance. I really liked Phury and Cormia... their story was so strong and passionate and not just because of the physicality, it's that mental connection of them both being captives to their situations and how they rose above that both separately and together. It was so beautiful.

Something about Cormia's character called to me. Maybe it's my situation in my life at the moment. The call of duty outweighing the need for independence and chasing your own desires... it really hit home for me.

Cormia seems so weak in the beginning, such a pushover. She's so willing to submit and serve, but as she breaks out of that shell, with the help of Phury, John, and Bella... she finds out that she is a living, breathing choice. Not just a Chosen one. She has more to her than subservience and duty. With each of these stories I fall in love more and more with these characters.

It was really well done and I can't wait to start number seven.

This was such a quick read, it took me less than eight hours and I had to work today too. It was just that.... enthralling? What's the right word.
Just a good read :)

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