Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Review: Black Dagger Brotherhood 7: Lover Avenged

Yep... I think I have fallen for every brother and now Rehvenge.

What an awesome story. My heart is still stuck on John, but I'm also totally enthralled with the others. This one took me four days to read. A lot longer in comparison with the others.I blame my own writing and work. If I didn't have to work and support my husband, I would've read all day and gotten it done sooner!

Rehv as he's known throughout the book is such an interesting character. Full of self loathing and a savior complex. He feels like everyone is worth of love and care save himself... he feels he is worthless, worth no one's time, and is willing to sacrifice himself for everyone else.

His story begins in tragedy and just kind of wanders around a garden of thorns and landmines. When the addition of Ehlena comes in, you just sit back and watch. You know what will happen- Beauty and the Beast a la vampires and sympaths.

It's totally easy to call, but at the same time, you are glued on that story... on them. They are a fun combination. A spunky, spendthrift nurse and a angry, self hating, drug dealing pimp. You would think oil and water... and you're right. But man is it fun to watch.

You also get to know Xhex and the Moors more, which is great. I'm hoping with the next installation we'll learn ever more about these guys and John Matthew and his boys.

I am really enjoying this series as I'm sure you all can tell. In the last 15 days I've read all seven of the BDB books and I've enjoyed every single one! :)

Anyone know how I can get a hold of J.R. Ward so I can thank her with much gusto and fervor?!

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