Sunday, April 17, 2011

Book Review: Black Dagger Brotherhood 4: Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward

Awwww Butch!!!!

Okay so this was a great one too! I loved the story of Butch and his history as well as him coming together with his mate. It was so well done!

We still have all the subplots going on around us with John and Tohr, Bella and Z, Wrath and Beth as well as we get another peek into V's world and his story is compelling.

I'm guessing the next one is about this one brother. He needs his story told badly!

The action sequences were really well thought out and executed and of course the lemons were wonderful as well :)

I am truly enjoying these stories!

Oh and an update on my girl Rheana- she had her baby today :) Congratulations!!!!

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