Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A drabble challenge from @kfwritesbooks I hope I did it justice, K!

My online writing/crit group has started doing weekend 100 word "drabble" challenges. One of us gives another a picture, word, quote, something to stir the Muses and then see what happens.

Kerry sent me this beautifully sweet picture and below is what came to mind. I hope you enjoy! PS- I'm sorry this is late!

Drabble Challenge

Everyday she sits in the grass across from the field.

Everyday I watch her rather than work. Coach’s screams and yells toward thirty disgusting running footballers irritates me. Rarely needed as the trainer, the smell of fresh cut grass soothes me as I try to focus on the task at hand, but I keep being drawn to her.

So curious about the girl I would like to know. Never looking up, sitting with her book. Her bid to leave is always the setting sun.

Today, not unlike any other afternoon she is there with her book. Today though, today I’ll will join her under her tree.

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