Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Review: Forever by Maggie Stiefvater @mstiefvater (Yeah, my lip is still quivering.)

It hurts.
Maggie made me cry. A lot. This book took a lot out of me. A lot! I think I cried four times while reading it and before you ask, no, I'm NOT PMSing!

The way Maggie writes is poetry, not just when she's quoting poetry from Rilke or when Sam is singing. She writes fluidly.

There are scenes in this book invovling pain, abuse, and death, but it's poetic. The beauty of poetry is that it can show you angry, painful, hate-feuled words but they roll off your tongue and swirl around you creating an image.

Something can be awful, but beautiful. And beauty isn't always clean lines and soft colors. Sometimes it's wolves locked in a struggle for dominance, sometimes it's parents who love but don't know how to show that love, sometimes it's choosing life even if you have to give your own life for that of another's.
Maggie shows us this in Forever. Life is all about choices, minutes, moments. Sometimes you make the right step, sometimes you screw it all up. Sam, Grace, Isabel, Cole, Beck, Tom Culpepper, The Brisbanes, even Shelby... they're all integral, whether loved or hated, whether large or small, they all mattered.

Sam Roth will always be one of my favorite book boyfriends. Maggie makes dreamy lovely boys who are filled with love and self doubt and kindness. Imperfectly perfect. You guys know that's my favorite.The shower scene I think was one of my most favorite scenes in this book because it reminded me so much of how my husband and I react to each other. Something I love about Sam and Grace is how real they are even though they're in this incredible, ridiculous, fictional clusterfuck. They take a moment when most of us would be curled into the fetal position crying and gave it humor and adorable-ness. She really does a great job of balancing the "WTF?" with the "Aw!" That's why I love Maggie so much!

Maggie built us a world. It started with Shiver and I promise you it doesn't end with Forever. Her world makes me happy and sad, wistful and kind of whiney. I hated turning that last page.

I will admit that I did skip ahead a few times trying to get to Grace and Sam. They just mean so much to me and I wish we could know more about them, now if they're safe, happy, together.

I'm going to refuse to believe anything less than that.

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  1. I hate that the stupid chick did that. While I'm not a huge fanfic person, I still heard about this (probably from you!). Idiot.

    I love that you went out to find the original story. Good thing it turned out to be entertaining!