Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Review: The Stud by @BarbaraDelinsky Super fun with super swimmers! :)

So I picked this book up out of guilt. Strange, right? You're curious, yes? You think, "But Becca, you never read books out of pressure!? (see Harry Potter) What on Earth are you speaking of?!"

Okay, see what happend was that a twit on a fic site that I frequent decided to take The Stud and rearrange some things and add new names and call it her original idea. (Insert appalled face here.)

I bought into it. Not okay. Fanfiction is okay because you give credit to the author for being made of awesomesauce and then you play in their wake. You don't take something from someone else and say, "Look at how wicked original and awesome I am!" Like I said, twit. (Insert foot tapping and scowl face here.)

So, chagrinned, I went out in search of this book when I found out that this happened. I looked high and low and  come to find out, it was out of print!

Thankfully, my Shangri La, Bookman's, a book reseller, happened to have one very old copy of it.

I read this bad boy in one sitting. This story grabbed me by the uterus and kept me entertained. That's fairly impressive, I'd say. Yes, this is your typical romance with the heaving bosoms and panting breaths.... but she's an independent businesswoman and he's an Indiana Jones wanna-be!

Here's the summary from GoodReads: Jenna McCue wants a baby and chooses an ideal man to be her sperm donor--but he wants the whole package: sex, love and forever.

How could that NOT be entertaining!? No, seriously, this was a very fun, light read. Great locations, lovely descriptions, some angst, lots of lemon, and witty snark (always a must with me) and overall, it didn't drag or make me wish it would hurry-the-hell-up! I actually enjoyed Jenna and Spencer a lot.

It's nice to see a romance "girl book" that didn't have a wilting laurel kind of girl as the lead. Jenna can take care of her own... she just needs some good swimmers! And I must admit, Spencer is a fun character.

He reminded me of Michael Douglas' character in Romancing the Stone.

And I think Jenna is a touch of Diane Keaton from Baby Boom.

Yes, I'm a child of the Eighties... don't judge me!

Overall, this was a great fluffy beach/lake read. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for something a lil' smutty and squishy with just the right amount of "Awww!"

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