Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ten things I learned while doing NaNo this year...

I had a wonderful time writing my NaNo this year. I made it past the 18K I did last year by the first week and this astounds me. Never thought I'd be able to do it.

Here's what I learned while writing this year:

10- Coffee can aid in writing, it can also make you shake like a Chihuahua if taken in too large of doses.

9- Reading books on the Holocaust can ruin an afternoon.

8- Watching So I Married an Axe Murderer whilst reading books on the Holocaust can help.

7- Having a support group helps. I had Plot Bunnies online who helped me and a group I met with twice a week in person, which were all fantastic!

We are very serious writers, dammit!

6- When you are naturally a beta reader and a teacher, it is REALLY freakin' hard NOT to self-edit. I mean like.... REAAAAALLLLLLY hard.

(These panties are now on my Christmas wishlist BTW)

5- It is rather difficult to type with a 17 lb cat on you arm...

... but it is doable!

4- I write better when I have an outline and the Snowflake method is indeed a worthwhile method and I apologize to those that I scoffed at last year for doing it. I was wrong. (Write that down, it won't get said again for a looooong time.)  Competition also helps me write... I can get 5K done in a night when challenged.

3- Wikipedia is a godsend... so is google and my friend, Elise, who is kind of a girlie Google bot.

2- I can describe the hell out of a sex scene, I mean thousands of words can just roll right out of me.


I am almost always prolific with the lemons... pun intended.

1- I can kill my two favorite characters in less that 800 words. And it took me nearly two days to get those 800 words out.

PS- that scene hurt a lot. I still haven't reread it.

And here's some of the songs that helped me write my NaNo:

and my new favorite song that is stuck in my head, but is my Henrik's theme song-

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  1. I wish I could face a 'ten things I learned from nano' list, but I'm still at the point where every single one would be a variation on 'I suck' ;)

    Although, 'I should never, ever, attempt to outline' comes to mind.