Sunday, December 12, 2010

A conversation...

I was delighted yet surprised that dear Ron Weasley won the boyfriend poll. Second place went to Etienne' St. Clair of Anna and the French Kiss.

I asked my friend Anna about why she though Ron was the better boyfriend when compared to heartthrobs such as Edward Cullen and Sam Roth...

Here's what she had to say:

me:  did you see who won the boyfriend poll on my blog?

anna:  no~ I couldn't figure out how to see the results


me:  You have to vote, then it comes up

anna: ooh

me: I love that Ron won :)

anna:  me too :D

me:  He's hot now BTW

anna:  uh YEAH.

me:  I would love to know why so many people chose Ron
I have only read the first two books
care to extrapolate?

anna:  he's hot

me:  lol

anna:  and he's like... ok

me:  dig deeper

anna:  HP has a very dark personality

he's very serious, broods a lot, has a temper, and is usually the visionary when it comes to their plans/missions.etc

Hermione is usually the task master, making sure that Harry's visions follow through and minding all the tedious details that Harry is too distracted to think about

the way Ron balances them out is that he's the heart of the group

he's funny and brave and very attuned to Harry and Hermione's emotional states

me: PS I'm copying what you say about Ron for my blog

anna: Sweet!


Here are some reason why I like Ron/Rupert:

Dude's a Ginger :)

He was a really cute kid too!


And he likes older women :)


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