Friday, May 20, 2011

Book Review: Notturno by @ZAMaxfield Awesome paranormal read!

What an emotional story!
I picked this out because it looked like a naughty romp, but it turned out to be more so. Adin's story made my heart hurt over and over!

I was reading over the last day and my stomach kept dropping. It seemed like every chapter I had to tweet ZA about how much my heart hurt for Adin!

Donte is a lovely vampire character and the entire story just makes you swoon and smile and gasp. ZA has a wonderful way about her fluency and word choice, the way Donte and Adin coin a phrase was just adorable and fun. You could feel the attraction as you're reading. It starts passionately and ends passionately. It's a lovely mix of intrigue and action, mystery and conversation. It's wonderful!

It was a fantastic story. If you're looking for something that combines paranormal romance with intrigue and fun for a really great read, I highly recommend!

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