Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins @ladyhawkins


How do I write a review without spoiling it all?

Okay... so the ending made me wanna through the book. I hate when there is a series and they middle child you with this second book full of awesome then cliff-hang the end and make you wait a year. Maggie did it with Linger, SMeyer did it with New Moon, and I am sure there are hundreds of authors and authors to be that are all planning or have planned these "OMG - The End" moments.

I dislike them.

I like stand alone books, even in a series. For me, the waiting thing doesn't make me want to read even more then I rush out and buy the book a year from now, nope, it makes me lose interest and then when it does come out, I can't remember what I read a year before. I have too many TBR books to read so rereading isn't always a possibility or a desire.

So no, not a fan of the ending.

Other than that last page though. YAY!!!!!!!!

I adore Sophie. She's funny, smart, sarcastic, and playful. I love that about her. She's gotten a rough lot, but also, she's gotten some kickass stuff too!

Then there's Cal and Jenna and they are the best seconds. I love them both.

And then there's Archer. I won't say anymore, but wow.

We meet Sophie's dad in this book and it's actually a great story twist. We go to London with Soph and her two sidekicks and the book moves so quickly. Lots of action and fun.

Rachel really knows how to write to keep you interested.

I can't say much more or I'll ruin the great "Holy Dark Magic" moments including that ending. If you haven't read Demonglass, go on and get it :)

Maybe just wait six months or so. Then you won't be as cranky as me :D

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