Monday, May 9, 2011

Book Review: Black Dagger Brotherhood 8: Lover Mine by J.R. Ward *sigh*

Oooooh.... John Matthew!

I was completely absorbed and enthralled by his story. Since we met him way back in the earlier books as the scared, abused pretrans. Then his growth and changes, meeting his support system, watching all the pain and suffering he goes through to become who he is at the end of this book.!

It just killed me over and over. It took me a lot longer to get through this one due to the heavy subject matter, not only with John, but also with Xhex, the flashbacks of Tohr, and Lash. It all melded nicely together in this story, but it also hurt! Especially, Xhex's storyline. Wow. Incredible.

I really liked learning more about where Xhex came from and learning about John Matthew and his connection to Xhex. His story is hard to read, but it's so well told.

I also loved seeing Blay in action and his storyline coming out. I'm hoping we get more of his story in number nine. It is so refreshing to have a m/m storyline other than what we learned about some of the Brothers in earlier stories. This is a dedicated storyline and it's awesome. Angsty and beautiful :)

These books have me so completely addicted. It's ridiculous. And I've begun enabling others and bringing them along too :) At least I'm not alone!

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