Sunday, May 13, 2012

#SixSentenceSunday WIP

This is from my current WIP, tentatively titled THORNS.
In this scene we have Henrik:
I don't know who this is, if anyone has a name, I'd love to find more pictures!
And his father, Asa:

“Congratulations.” He looks over my head and I’m tempted to look to see whom he is speaking. “Your father has just ensured your future in Germany's royalty.”

Once again, I am getting talked at rather than spoken to. Once again, I am being told what I will do, how I will do it, and when and where I will do it. Once again, I am angry, but doing nothing about it.

"Henrik, you will be meeting very important people today. You are to smile and act like the gentleman I raised you to be. If at anytime anyone asks something of you, you will smile and you will do it. Understood?"

"Of course, Father, what else would I do?"

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