Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Five!

Who's ready for the weekend?

This week seems like it is in slo-mo! Here's what's happening:

1- I started Divergent, but only got through four chapters before I took a book vacation. I'm gonna try again this weekend while Mr. Nerd is working.

2- Submitted a short story to a publisher. *bites nailes*

3- Our car died, but my amazing husband and his friend got it working again AND fixed our air conditioning. I've gone without A/C for nearly three years. *Liz Lemon Self-Five*

4- Super excited that Bel Ami will be available today on iTunes and Amazon! Here's the trailer if you don't know about this movie. It's based on the Guy de Mausspant novel of the same name.

5- Random cuteness: How adorable is this?

Dog guards owners bike, then hitches a ride :D

Happy Friday!

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