Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday Five

Yes, late.
I should just make it Saturday Six or something... Fridays are usually my crazy days at work and I suck at planning ahead.
Here goes!

1- Still no word on my manuscript full request. I know the agent has it, but now I just have to wait. Driving me crazy.

2- All our adoption stuff is currently on indefinite hold. It's just too expensive which makes me heartbroken. I want a baby but we just can't afford IVF or adoption at this point.

3- My amazing friends, Eli and Hoycie, sent me Get Well presents. Big Bang Theory and Divergent. I felt so incredibly loved. Sometimes I feel like I'm invisible and when I got these gifts from girls who've never even breathed the same air as me, it was just... wow.

4- We started house shopping again which wears me out. I kind of want to just give up, rent, and just deal with it for the duration until Mr.'s job stuff gets situated, but that wouldn't be responsible, huh?

5- I've started to beta read for three authors and loving their novels. All contemporary romances which is cool. I have some ridiculously talented friends!

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