Saturday, March 17, 2012

In Which I Respond to Senator McCain of Arizona

I sent my senator, John McCain, a letter asking him to help vote against the House Bill 2625 that would allow employers to deny their employees health care if they do not, for religious reasons, believe in birth control. He responded with a very long email, sent by some secretary, stating he wanted to aid the Catholic population who were being denied their religious freedom by the Obama administration and protecting the right of employers to have their own beliefs. I was SHOCKED.
Here's how I replied to my dear senator:

In response to your email regarding birth control regulations and employers. I am appalled at your reasons for voting against the needs and wants of those who voted for you. You are not representing your constituents. You are representing your own self-serving beliefs and your own desires. That is not what a public servant does. Health care is not a choice, it's a right and access to birth control should not be dictated by employers or senators. Your job is to represent Arizona, all of Arizona, not just the Catholic conservatives as you stated in your email. With all due respect, you are not representing me or the women of your state. Ask your constituents what they want rather than just doing what you want. Shame on you, Mr. McCain.

Please contact your senators and protect your right to health care ladies, it seems to be open season on our vaginas.

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  1. I wish I could cover this post is hugs and kisses. You are exactly right Becca!