Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Five - Firsts

1. First Clear Memory- I can distinctly remember being lost when I was about five. I wandered off at a bazaar in western Germany where my family was shopping. I ended up crying myself to sleep in a bundle of blankets and someone found me and took me back to my parents but I was so freaked out I wouldn't let go of a pink and grey elephant wool blanket. I still have that blanket. It's my dog, Bella's, blanky now.

2. First Time Meeting Your Spouse- We went to high school together. He hated me. I was perky and a cheerleader, the seminary president, and in three different choirs. He was in the band, a punk, angry at the world, and it didn't help that his little sister was my "little sister" at school. I was definitely every thing unholy in his world. We re-met our sophomore year of college when my friend wanted to date his friend but needed a wingman for his wingman. I promised if she kept making me daiquiris I would talk to his friend. His friend and I talked for seven hours that night, made out a little too, and we've been together eleven years now.

3. First Job- My very first job was as a pie girl at Marie Callendar's for a month and a half, then my mom made me quit because I dropped out of honor roll and she thought the hours were too long while I was in school. The next job was at a day care center with less hours but I was a lot more work. It was a lot of fun though and now I'm a teacher, so I guess it molded me :) I stayed at that job from 15 to 19, the longest I've ever had a job.

4. First Time in an Airplane- My parents moved us from Texas to Germany when I was three. So my first flight was 16 hours to Frankfurt. My parents were saints.

5. First Lie- I remember at six or seven, not exactly sure, but my brother was being awful to me and he kept punching me to get me away from him and his Gameboy, we'd been in the car on the Autobahn for hours on end and my parents were so done with us, but they wouldn't yell at him for being a jerk, just kept saying "Don't make me come back there!" kind of stuff. So when we stopped at a gas station he throttled me and I went to the bathroom and punched myself in the arm over and over until it purpled up really dark and angry and then ran to my dad and cried about my brother beating me up. Needless to say, he was taught to pick on people his own size and I felt ridiculously guitly, but I did get to play with the Gameboy for a few hours.

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