Friday, December 23, 2011

My Very First Friday Five

I'm trying to be a better blogger so I am swiping the idea of Weekly Posts that some other book bloggers do! So here are my FIVE for the week :)

1- Torn Tendon- I tore a tendon in my knee a few weeks ago and had no idea. It was totally worth it though. I was having drinks with my fellow booknerds- Rheana, Katie, and Shelley in Denver. It was a lovely time and I slipped in some water and did an epic splits in the middle of a bar. If you know me in real life, you know this is typical! So worth the pain now, although it hurts, the memories are fond!

2- Bear, Otter, and The Kid- I just finished reading this book by TJ Klune and it was so wonderful. I highly recommend if you like romances and you don't mind a story that goes left, right, up, down, sideways, present tense, past tense and every which way in between.

3- Four Day Weekend- I have one. I am so happy to be able to sit and do nothing. I did nothing much today but spend time with a girlfriend, have some drinks, and now a little writing.
Kinda like this...

4- Yule- I had a wonderful time at a Yule Fest with some dear friends. I was so happy when they invited me and the food and company was wonderful!

5- Happy Hanukkah- We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in our home, this year we did Hanukkah presents for each other and we donated rather than gave presents for Christmas. It just seemed like a better way to celebrate. I did get an iPod Touch which I am now obsessed with and my dear husband will be getting a new game for his PS3. We're also saving up to spend some time traveling when he returns from boot camp and tech school later this year.

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you are surrounded by love and have a lovely weekend!
<3 Becca

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