Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Scorpio Races by @mstiefvater A lil' sneaky peek!

Maggie was awesome enough to share the prologue to her new book The Scorpio Races. If you've not had a chance to peruse, please do so here.

I have to say I was sucked right in! As always Maggie creates a little nook in the world that makes you wanna go see what's happening... very voyeuristic but not... I mean, we're invited to look, so it's not dirty.

Everyone knows I would read a remake of the dictionary if Maggie told me to do so, but honestly, I was a little worried when she told us about the premise of TSR. Flesh eating pony, what?

I'm all ready ready already. Let's bring on the freaky ass horses and the brave/stupid people who ride them! I'm freaked out and intrigued and I know it's gonna be awesome :)

Bring it, Maggie!

PS- if you haven't seen this vid of the "Sharpie Guitar" go check it -

I'd like to know 1- can I have this? 2- was the bottom of your hand black when you finished? :D

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