Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beee yourself. No More Freebies.

From the Start- Written 2/9/11

Have we come to be as we are, as we have always been?

Do we have a choice to rise above or crawl from them?

Choices claw and swirl, decision drop and skewer.

You decide who you are and where you go from here.

I am my own and I will own myself,

There is no one else to blame even when you are in pain.

You allow others to hurt you, your decisions make you,

With every breath, time marches on,

With each sunrise, we see the green of another's lawn.

Within each of us is a dream, but the drive you have to find,

Just because you're born with it, does not mean you don't need your mind.

Freaks, and Fools, and Fae all dance, even it it's to their own beat,

We all must be brave and courageous enough not to retreat.

Things are tough, will always be rough,

To let go is only hurting you.

Others will come and go, rise and fall,

You are who you have, no matter what monster is down the hall.

Keeping your feet steadfast, your passion inside,

It matters not if others love you if you have your pride.

I sit here trying to find my bootstraps,

I should pull myself up perhaps.

It's always easier to remind someone else of what you should do,

It's harder to take your own advice, I've gotta get a clue.

So in the end, I bid you peace my friends,

Take care of your soul and heart,

It's what you have from the start.

I have had a rough few days and finding a silver lining can be tricky. I hope you know who you are or are at least on your way there. I am still looking for the path that will take me to complete. But as Green Day said 10 years ago, "Why isn't a question, it's a lesson learned in time."

Life can be hard and messy and unfair. I know this all too well, but when I look at my dog's big brown eyes full of love or I hear a beautiful song that calms my agitated soul... these things help me realize that it's not always roses and unicorns chasing puppies with frilly hats... wish it could be though.

Life is hard. And sometimes you don't have someone to get along the bumps with. Sometimes you are alone... just you and your bumps.

But... just think how proud you'll be once you're on the other side of the roller-coaster.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss

Audio: Alright you baaaad boy, but no more freebies


I'm gonna go watch Aladdin now... good "Find yourself" movie.

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