Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kicking off 2011

Well, another year down. I am looking back at 2010 and thinking, "See ya sucker!"

It was a rough year health-wise but I was able to do some emotional house-cleaning which is always good. I turned 30 also which was different... not sure yet how I feel about 30. I'll tell you in August when I turn 31.

Reading-wise, I did well. 60 reads between betaing and books. *Pats own back*

I also wrote a novel.

*YAY!* Finishing NaNoWriMo for the first time was such an incredible feat. I was so so so proud. Like I haven't been that proud of myself since I was graduating college as the first person in my family to get a Bachelor's. It was incredible. Made even sweeter by having my husband finishing his degree that same weekend and having a group called the Plot Bunnies behind me.

We all finished together and it was incredible to have all these amazing people with me. Such a great feeling! Congratulations to all of you who participated and completed your goals :) *happy dance*

There have been some amazing accomplishments by my friends who are writing books. Several have been agented, published, or are beginning the query process and I am so proud of my beta clients. I love reading their works and I count myself to be blessed anytime anyone asks me to read and beta their writing. Thank you.

I was able to meet fellow book nerds this year, like my Nest Book Club friends. A lot of them. I couldn't be luckier when it comes to the network of people who love books like I do all around the country and even in Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Canada. I count myself so lucky to have met these people all through books <3

Now on to the new year! I decided to do two lists. One is a writing goals list and the other is a personal growth list. Here are my writing goals for 2011-

  • Get laptop back and in working order and back up all my writing onto zip drives. (It is currently being fixed by my friend's husband and if he can fix it, I will owe him my first born.)

  • Finish Inamorata like yesterday. (My short story, it will be not so much short, but it will be done in five more chapters!)

  • Do the 5 or so o/s and minis that are awaiting me for FGB. (I really want to help with more charity writing so I am donating a few one shots and mini-series shots.)

  • Hammer out transitions on NaNo10 and start revisions. (I can't do this til I get my laptop back though. I.E. the back up zip drive lesson learned.)

  • Create short story for Kerry and have her beta for submission by Sept. (My friend Kerry gave me a prompt, I wrote a 250 word flash fiction and now I want to write it into a submission for a few short story collections that Kerry told me about.)

  • Go back to NaNo10 and get it to beta readers and work on query if it doesn't blow. (It will take a lot, but I want to query this. I have faith in this story!)

  • Figure out if any of my other half dozen bunnies are worth their weight and teeth. (I've been bitten by quite a few plot bunnies.)

  • Revisit NaNo09 if I have any spirit left... (I hope I do!)

As for personal goals:

1- Get healthier.

2- Make time to just be with Hubbin.

3- Travel!

That's all I'm putting on my list for this year. They are broad and they are doable.  No stress :)

I hope 2011 has started with happiness for you all and you'll continue to check in with me as I finish my novel and read like mad!


  1. Very organised, you are! I should be doing that, sorting out my to do list. I've been studiously ignoring it for the last couple of weeks!

  2. Very nice, me likey! I really need to get on that list thing! Who knows, maybe I will get on my own blog...