Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Wish.

Last year at this time I was sick and worn down and I tried to be happy to turn 30 but when I woke up with Strep throat, that party deflated quickly. It took me months to come back from not only Strep, but Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Coxsakie virus all right after my birthday. 29 wasn't much better since I had been in and out of the hospital because of a Crohn's like illness that hadn't been diagnosed. Most of my 29th year was spent in fear of dying by starvation.

Two rough birthdays in a row has brought me to the realization that I am so very happy I am alive to see 31. I know it's hard being a year older, but I am lucky to BE here. I have a good job, a supportive husband, three adorable fur-babies, I'm writing and will be published, and I can do as I wish when I wish. Nothing is truly in my way but me it seems.

My wish is that this year is a healthier year with lots of love and laughter. I wish this for myself, but for everyone else. We could all use good health, lovely people, and belly laughs.

Here's to being 31.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    I hope your wish comes true!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I am glad you made it to your 31st! I also hope this year is better then last and keeps getting better. Here's to another 50 more!



  3. Severe sore throat, strep throat, cough and other respiratory related diseases can really ruin your day. I also wish you all the best on your next birthday. A healthy life should be given to you.

  4. August is fast approaching. 2010 was a bit bad for you. I hope that you will never experience strep throat and other throat infections. However, in case of throat problems, you can always try several sore throat home remedies like ginger tea and eucalyptus. I hope that you'll have a better year this year.